[OPE-L:2235] Re: "actually existing capitalism"

Michael Williams (100417.2625@compuserve.com)
Wed, 15 May 1996 14:56:06 -0700

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Sometime agao, Steve said:
that something quite different
emerges if you start from his exchange-value/use-value logic: a
complete alternative to the subjectivist theory of value of the
neoclassicals, which is not based upon a labor theory of value.

I'll hold off on elaborating this until I get a few responses on
whether my starting point--the exchange-value/use-value dialectic--
is accepted by OPE members as one of Marx's starting points.

Michael W:

I would like to stimulate that elaboration by addint to Jerry and Gil's my
agreement to this starting point, with caveats:
1. The exchange-value/use-value dialectic is one of Marx's starting points
2. My preferred starting point is the value-form which, in the bourgeois epoch,
grasps useful objects as use-values in the commodity. But I doubt that subtle
distinction will matter for a non (embodied?) labout theory of value alternative
to neo-c. subjectivism.

Comradely ...

Michael W