[OPE-L:2203] Discipleship and Schismatics

Alan Freeman (100042.617@compuserve.com)
Tue, 14 May 1996 05:47:40 -0700

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Paul 1 (2196)
Questions as to who is the most correct interpreter of the works
of a past master have no place in science. Their proper place is
in discipleship and schismatics.

Paul 2 (op cit)

[Andrew's theory] forces you to reject, much of marx's published writings on
value in the first part of capital and in Wages Prices and Profit, where he
is quite unequivocal in defining value in terms of embodied labour.



a)How does Paul 2 differ from discipleship and schismatics?

b)I don't recall anyone arguing about who is the best interpreter. The
dispute is about interpretations, not interpreters.

c)If I pay money worth 10 hours for materials and add 10 hour of living
labour to it, then I would say (along with Andrew, Bruce, Fred, and
possibly Michael and Geert also) that its value is 20 hours. I would
say that's how the labour gets embodied. We don't have a dispute between
embodied and disembodied labour but about how the labour gets embodied.