[OPE-L:2102] Somebody Finally Got It

Alan Freeman (100042.617@compuserve.com)
Tue, 7 May 1996 04:42:15 -0700

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Re Riccardo's #2092 I will be less circumspect than Andrew. My reading is
this: Somebody finally got what we are saying. To avoid clogging up
an important clarification, I am therefore going to ship all my
qualifications separately and later.

Commenting my #2087 replying to Allin's #2070 Riccardo writes:

"From here you would go on calling the initial outlay for constant capital
[expressed in what would be called 'prices' according to the standard,
simultaneist, version of this issue] as the 'value' of constant capital.

To cut a long story short, Yes (long story next post)

"But this has nothing to do with labour _embodied_ in constant capital."

Yes, To Cut a Long Story Short - Long Story Next Post [henceforth TCLSS-LSNP])

"Then the wage goods will be sold at prices which, though reached
through Marx's procedure, have nothing to do with labour _embodied_ in
those same wage goods [here again the wage is expressed in prices for the
standard terminology]"

Yes, TCLSS-LSNP (Henceforth 'Yes')

"and we call this magnitude the 'value' of labour power."


"Hence, your values at the beginning are simply the prices of the previous
period. Am I right? "


"On this path is it not guaranteed from the beginning that the Marxian
tranformation will meet no difficulties?"

Jesu Bambino, after fifteen years somebody finally got it.

One point: You write: "it is not guaranteed?" But I assume you mean "is it not

The key point is: yes, it is GUARANTEED.


The reservations will be shipped shortly and concern the words
'simultaneist', 'embodied', and 'nothing to do with'. At this point
we discover whether I have really read Riccardo correctly.