[OPE-L:2072] Re:metaphor or what?

Massimo De Angelis (massimo@uel.ac.uk)
Sat, 4 May 1996 04:21:33 -0700

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dear all, here is one of the many quotes from Marx
in which he definitively uses a "strong" language:

"A great deal of capital, which appears today in the United States
without any birth-certificate, was yesterday, in England,
the capitalised blood of children." (V.I. p. 921)

I guess this quote can be seen to be releted to many issues:

1. the notion of capital
2. the notion of capital accumulation
3. primitive accumulation
4. the bloody meaning of the temporal dimension within capitalism
5. the fact that the conventional wisdom would regard capital
as eternal and therefore not in need of a birth-certificate.
6. . . . .

I guess also the quote could be dismissed on the ground that
it represents a simple metaphor, in which case I would like
ask: a metaphor for what? May I have your distinguished
views on the matter