[OPE-L:2065] Re: Translator's lot is not a happy one

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Thu, 2 May 1996 16:36:00 -0700

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Alan Freeman wrote:

> Embarassment is increased ten times by the considerate
> debate created by an intemperate post.

We're all human, Alan.

> My penance is to enter Jerry's quiz.
> So I am going to plump for Paolo Giussani because it fits the
> three criteria I could come up with and nothing rules it out.

Thanks for the (highly educated) guess. You are WRONG.

I'll give some more hints:

(1) A hint that I gave before that Alan did not include in his detective
story is that the extract is from a *book* that dealt at great length
with the transformation.

(2) The book, *written by a single author*, also dealt with Marx's method
and theory of value, surplus value, and profit.

(3) I did *not translate* the quote, i.e. it appeared originally in English.

(4) The book was published in *1976*.

The above includes so many clues that any person claiming to be an
authority on the transformation literature should guess the answer
immediately. Who will be the first person to give the right answer?

> By the way he is trying to get onto E-Mail with a little
> help from his friends, and he has his own perspective on
> everything we have been talking about. So I hope we hear
> from him soon.

I talked to Paolo over the telephone in November and even sent him a
letter inviting him to be part of OPE-L if he would get on-line. He lives
in Milan and is the former editor of _plusvalore_ (and its predecessor,
__Lavoro Teorico_). He's also an old friend and teacher (as a Visiting
Lecturer at the New School) and would make an excellent addition.

In OPE-L Solidarity,