[OPE-L:2058] Re: Translator's lot is not a happy one

akliman@acl.nyit.edu (akliman@acl.nyit.edu)
Wed, 1 May 1996 14:22:34 -0700

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I posted briefly on this issue, but it probably is lost. One
thing I pointed out is that the word "and" in the Fowkes edition is
ambiguous, but it is NOT improper English--partly because the clauses
joined look at the same thing from different angles.

The other, more general, and more important, is this: The definitive
version of CAPITAL--the last one, checked, edited, corrected, revised,
from the author himself--is the FRENCH edition. So it is as misleading
to say "Marx wrote in German" as to say "Volume I assumes prices =
values." The author notes that the French possesses a scientific value
independent of the original, and should be consulted even by German

None of the English translations of CAPITAL are translations from the
original French. Fowkes' is based on the 4th German, which varies from
the French.

Non-viva la differance.

Andrew Kliman