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In [OPE-L: 2008], Riccardo asked about the translation of the title of
Section 1 of Ch. 25. I refer him to the following excerpt from Paul Z's
post dated 4/14. -- Jerry

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Subject: [OPE-L:1789] Re: Accumulation of capital in Ch. 24 & 25

> OK, I'm willing to move on to Ch. 25 if you want to. Both of the quotes
> come from Section 1 which is titled: "A Growing Demand for Labour-Power
> accompanies accumulation *IF* the composition of capital remains the same"
> (Penguin ed., p. 762, emphasis added, JL).

<snip> Anyway, the Progress Publishers edition
does not use the translation "IF" but says "The Increased Demand for
Labor-Power that Accompanies Accumulation, The Composition of Capital
Remaining the Same". The German reads "Wachsende Nachfrage nach
Arbeitskraft mit der Accumulation, bei gleichbleibender Zusammensetzung
des Kapitals". "Bei" is better translated as "with" than "if", but I don't
want to get hung-up on this.