[OPE-L:2008] Re: quote: translation failure?

riccardo bellofiore (bellofio@cisi.unito.it)
Sun, 28 Apr 1996 07:35:17 -0700

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At 7:02 28-04-1996 -0700, glevy@acnet.pratt.edu wrote:
>"Aber die vergangne Arbeit, die in der Arbeitskraft steckt, und die
>lebendige Arbeit, die sie leisten kann, ihre ta**glichen Erhaltungskosten
>und ihre ta**gliche Versaugabung, sind zwei ganz verschiedne Gro**Ben"
>(Band 1, Berlin, Ullstein Materialien, 1981 , p. 163).
>(** should appear over the previous letter. B in "Gro**Ben" is used since
>I can't write the German letter with this keyboard. -- JL).
>Does that help, Riccardo?

That is [of course 8-)] the same German original to which I eventually had
to go, after looking the Italian and French translation. It seems to me
that it confirms my guess that the Penguin translation is wrong. Since it
is likely that your German is better than mine, do you confirm my suggested
>BTW, Paul Z (and I) both had to go back to the German original to
>clarify the title of Section 1 of Ch. 25.

What was the problem? It seems that here the Penguin edition and the
Italian translation are the same, so I am curious.

> The Penguin translation was
>supposed to be a big advance in translation over previous English
>translations. It is somewhat surprising, therefore, that there are these
>inconsistencies. I guess we shouldn't throw out our original German
>editions quite yet.

Well, it is not so bad after all. Especially in comparison with the
following fact. The first chapter of the first edition (1867) was
translated in the US in a small book: but it omitted some paragraphs
without notice, and two friends (Chris Arthur and Wal Suchting) say the
translation is unreliable.

Wal says that, however, the other two volumes in the Penguin edition are OK.


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