[OPE-L:1991] Re: Windows NT or OS/2 Warp (no Marxist issue here)

Steve.Keen@unsw.EDU.AU (Steve.Keen@unsw.EDU.AU)
Sat, 27 Apr 1996 01:34:56 -0700

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Hey Paul,
I hate to admit it, but I like NT! The email hassle aside (which reflects
the fact that I've spent too many years working with computers--I now
have the "I'm damned if I'm going to work this out for myself" attitude
to glitches these days), it's very solid, and much less convoluted to
operate than OS/2 was last time I used it. But since NT is a "back-office"
type O/S, they haven't done much to make email access easy (unlike Warp).
I expect that'll change in the next release.