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Paul Z wrote [OPE-L:1985]:

> Having written more than I expected, let me only add that I hate Microsoft's
> corporate policies of crass commercialization of its products, including
> using the Rolling Stones to advertize Windows 95.

... and IBM uses a Charlie Chaplin impersonator to market its products -
something which I find equally repulsive and ironic (remember "Modern

... actually I think the IBM vs. Apple advertising strategy is just a
variation on the Coke vs. Pepsi strategy.

... somehow I think this connects with the subjectivity thread. How so?
Well, doesn't capital attempt to manufacture consumer preferences with
advertising? Sometimes the message in advertising is blatant; sometimes it
is subtle or subliminal. It gets to the point where workers do not even
know how they have preferences for particular commodities. The creation
and re-creation of mass neurosis seems to be, in part, a result of
corporate marketing.

In OPE-L Solidarity,