[OPE-L:1979] [degression] Re: NT or Warp

Iwao Kitamura (ikita@st.rim.or.jp)
Fri, 26 Apr 1996 07:56:36 -0700

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I'd better also apologise in advance for some hassles in my email.
At home, I am "cut off" from my references because of problems getting
email to work remotely under Windows NT. As a result, my email comms
are under Windows, and my references are stored on an inaccessible NT
compressed drive. So occasionally I'll be forced to wait several days
until I can access my work site, where email functions under NT.

Paul Z.:
May I suggest you try OS/2 Warp.

How is it better working? Could you be more specific but in a few words,

I can't stop myself from answering this question.
Getting warped with OS/2 has pro and con.
Warp is the most light OS as 32-bit for PC. There's bunch of native freewares,
cheep sharewares and unix-like binaries.
Native 32-bit windoze applications do not work under Warp though 16-bit's
(for win 3.1) can.
There are not so many applications developed by major software houses.
But the latter may be somewhat solved because IBM bought Lotus.

BTW, I mostly use Warp.

in solidarity,


Iwao Kitamura
mailto: ikita@st.rim.or.jp