[OPE-L:1840] Re: Accumulation of capital in Ch. 24 & 25

Paul Zarembka (ecopaulz@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu)
Sun, 21 Apr 1996 05:15:29 -0700

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Paul C.,

Sure, it can be a real phenomenon, and I'd look to production of absolute
and/or relative surplus value as concepts for organizing analyses of
those concrete situations.

By the way, the issues here are not what I "like", but how to penetrate
more deeply into understanding events occuring within capitalism.
The more precision we use in our analyses, the greater the potential for
accuracy. As it stands now, the use of "accumulation of capital" is
so loose, that one almost has to pass it over or read it as equivalent
to "capitalism"; it isn't used theoretically (as a concept).

Paul Z.

On Sat, 20 Apr 1996, Paul Cockshott wrote:

> If Paul Z does not like calling a growth in constant capital
> with variable capital remaining constant, accumulation, that
> does not stop it being a possible real phenomenon, an as such
> being in need of a label if we are to talk of it. A rose by any
> other name?