[OPE-L:1810] Ted McGlone, Murray Smith, Mike Williams w/4 PSs

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Tue, 16 Apr 1996 19:06:59 -0700

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I have been remiss in my welcoming responsibilities. We have three new
members who all were suggested some time ago.

*Ted McGlone* should be a familiar name for OPE-L members. Many listmembers
had the opportunity to meet Ted at the Boston mini-conference on value.
He teaches economics at St. Joseph's College on Long Island, NY.

*Murray E.G. Smith* is a member of the Department of Sociology, Brock
University in Canada. He is the author of _Invisible Leviathan: The
Marxist Critique of Market Despotism beyond Postmodernism_ (Toronto,
University of Toronto Press, 1994) and has published a number of articles
on empirical work related to value and the falling rate of profit.

*Michael Williams* (another Mike!) is now in the UK after a tour of duty in
New Zealand. Mike co-authored _Value-Form and the State_ (NY, Routledge,
1989) with Geert Reuten. Although Geert is an OPE-L enthusiast and hopes
to participate in future discussions, his administrative responsibilities
at the University of Amsterdam prevent him from participating now --
although he wants to remain part of OPE-L. Mike is busy as
well, but I'm hoping he will find some time to occasionally participate
in our discussions.

We now have 38 subscribers (not counting duplicate addresses).

Ted, Murray, Mike: Welcome aboard!

In OPE-L Solidarity,


PS1: Maria informed me that she will be leaving Brazil for 3 months and
will not have Internet access again until her return.

PS2: Riccardo's server is still off-line. I wonder how he's managing?

PS3: Gerard and Dominique have set their mail to postpone. If anyone
wants to draw them into a discussion, you should mention their names in a
post and I will forward the post to them.

PS4: I believe that Suzanne De Brunhoff will join if she can get on-line.
Elmar Altvater, as well, is very interested in OPE-L. Unfortunately, he
declined since, although he can read English well, he has a very hard
time writing in English (and, I think, doesn't want to "impose" upon us).
I see this as a technical problem that could be sorted-out if he decides
to join, i.e. we could arrange to have his posts translated.