[OPE-L:1795] Re: Accumulation of capital in Ch. 24--Prmitive Acc.

Paul Zarembka (ecopaulz@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu)
Mon, 15 Apr 1996 05:26:31 -0700

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On the one hand I'm very glad you're pushing to include the violence of the
process of separation workers from non-capitalist modes of production which is
still going on. On the other hand, the first paragraph of Marx's vol. 1
chapter on primitive accumulation reads, "The whole movement, therefore,
seems to turn in a vicious circle, out of which we can only get by
supposing a primitive accumulation (previous accumulation of Adam Smith)
preceding capitalist accumulation; an accumulation not the result of the
capitalist mode of production, but it's starting point."

Korean (and elsewhere) violent separation is financed out of pre-existing
surplus value. It is therefore part of the current accumulation process,
of Korean, American, etc. capitalists.

Paul Z.

On Mon, 15 Apr 1996, chaion lee wrote:

> Chai-on,
> -------
> So, it is still going on. We should not preclude such an accumulation in defining the accumulation of capital. The primitive accumulation also include the elements of the violence, the intervention of the state, bloody legislation, etc. r>
> In Korea, we had a legalized maximum wage rate upto 1988. You are illegal to pay more wage rates over and above the maximum limit, which is determined every year by the government. It was discarded after 1988.