[OPE-L:1787] Accumulation of capital in Ch. 24 & 25

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Paul Z wrote in [OPE-L:1785]:

> 1) First four-five pages of Chapter 4, particularly the arithmetic
> presentation.

A question:

Holding constant the division of surplus value into capital and revenue,
if the additional capital is productively invested in more constant
capital, but the amount of variable capital and the amount of laborers
remains the same, will accumulation result?

> 4) Chapter 25 (p. 763 and p. 575)--the beginning of this chapter
> 5) Chapter 25, (p. 764 and p. 576):

OK, I'm willing to move on to Ch. 25 if you want to. Both of the quotes
come from Section 1 which is titled: "A Growing Demand for Labour-Power
accompanies accumulation *IF* the composition of capital remains the same"
(Penguin ed., p. 762, emphasis added, JL).

Section 2 is titled: "A Relative Diminution of the Variable Part of
Capital Occurs in the Course of the Further Progress of Accumulation and
of the Concentration that Accompanies it" (Ibid, p. 772).

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