[OPE-L:1781] subjectivity

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Paul C. wrote in [OPE-L:1769]:

> But I would be cautious about invoking will as an explanatory category,
> to do so, puts you into an unwonted debt to idealist philosophies of
> a dubious nature. How can one demonstrate that will even exists, far less
> that it transforms the world? I dont think that Marx relied upon notions
> of will to explain things in Capital.

Please answer the following questions:

* What objective force led you to write [OPE-L:1769]?

* Was it not an expression of your will?

* Putting aside the question of nature, who transforms the world if not
individuals, acting individually and as parts of social classes and

* What role do individuals have in history?

* Are individuals merely unconscious actors in a historical process?

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