[OPE-L:1754] Re: Accumulation of capital in Ch. 24, V1

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Fri, 12 Apr 1996 13:27:43 -0700

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Paul Z wrote in [OPE-L:1753]:

> [....] Anyway, I don't think its
> necessary to reproduce your posting here to simply ask the question what
> is your definition of accumulation of capital? You talk around that issue
> but not to the issue. [....]
> Note that you say that accumulation cannot be "reduced to the expansion
> of capital as a social relationship" but don't say what it is.

In [OPE-L:1664], dated 4/1, I believe I gave an initial answer to the
question *you* posed (I will forward a copy to you). In [OPE-L: 1732],
dated 4/10, I explicitly stated that I was moving *beyond* your question
to address other questions that arise within the context of Ch. 24.

You are most concerned, it seems, with the definition of the accumulation
of capital. I am more concerned with explaining the process of
accumulation and addressing questions that stem from that subject.

In OPE-L Solidarity,