[OPE-L:1744] Re: Defining & understanding the accumulati

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Thu, 11 Apr 1996 16:37:42 -0700

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Think about this Paul. How can an "army" be negative??

Paul C [#1742]*
It is not the army but the reserve that is negative. A reserve is a residual
a difference between two quantities, and as such can be negative.

I still don't follow. Doesn't the IRA either have to be positive or equal
to zero (i.e. non-existent)?

BTW, isn't the use of the term "army" somewhat misleading. Rather than
being under a unified and organized command structure, isn't it a pool of
available people who *from the perspective of capital* are willing and
able to become wage-earners and be exploited?

* Please don't forget, everyone, to label your Pauls.