[OPE-L:1738] Re: question of subjectivity

Massimo De Angelis (M.DeAngelis@uel.ac.uk)
Thu, 11 Apr 1996 07:23:11 -0700

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Jerry is a very good moderator, as he seems to know very well the way
to get people to say something. In ope-L1732, he writes: "the
question (Mike L and Massimo take note) of working class subjectivity
is often discussed. What about the development of capitalist

What about it, Jerry.

First, in the last 100 years readers of Marx's
capital have concentrated especially on this capitalist subjectivity,
in such a way that today everyt " tendency " IS understood as capital's
subjectivity, while working class subjectivity is confined at most
to the realm of countertendency. See for example recent post by Paul.
Thus in this light, to bring up the issue of working class subjectivity
at the very least represents a counterweight to the opposite

Second. To me, the two kinds of subjectivities are different.
Capitalist subjectivity can only be VIS A VIS the working class, that
is it can only devise STRATEGIES to subsume the working class and
MAINTAIN the current mode of production. Working class subjectivity
on the contrary is not only VIS A VIS capital but at the same time
BEYOND IT. In Marx's capital there is no much of this latter
dimension (a part few hints on reduction of working time as a
precondition for freedom,, etc. in Volume three and few other