[OPE-L:1725] Sincere concerns

glevy@acnet.pratt.edu (glevy@acnet.pratt.edu)
Mon, 8 Apr 1996 18:40:33 -0700

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Chai-on (aka =?EUC-KR?B?sOa/tbTrx9AgsbO89sD8u+q9xw==?=) :-) wrote:

> BTW, where are they gone who contributed so heavily to the OPE-L everyday,
> those long list? I feel at a loss because it is so quiet.
> With sincere concerns,

I don't think there's any cause for concern, Chai-on. This weekend was
Easter weekend and many schools are still on a Spring break. It seems
that we are particularly vulnerable to changes in the academic calendar
since we are almost exclusively a _de facto_ academic list.

I anticipate that volume and participation will increase shortly.

If you want to see who's listening, either try saying something very
controversial or address a question to someone in particular. Either
method seems to work well.

Perhaps you could try addressing comments to those you especially miss.

Of course, I would encourage others to make Chai-on feel better by
participating in current threads or launching new ones.

Anyway, I'm pleased to hear that you miss the input from some who have
been quiet relatively recently. OPE-L can be an addictive experience, can
it not?

In OPE-L Solidarity,


PS: Riccardo, Simon (and, possibly Alfredo) have been experiencing
"technical problems", i.e. their servers have been down for some time.
Hopefully, these problems will be cleared up soon. Also, I don't think
Alan and Fred have returned yet from their brief respites.