[OPE-L:1709] Re: Do bears accumulate in the woods?

Iwao Kitamura (ikita@st.rim.or.jp)
Fri, 5 Apr 1996 06:49:00 -0800

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>> But there's a term 'expanded scale of reproduction' placed just before
>> the phrase ""accumulation, reproduces the capital-relation on a progressive
>> scale,...".

Paul Z.[1691]:
>Iwao, my edition reads "reproduction on a progressive scale, ie,
>accumulation..." but in any case I don't see why you point this out.

'expanded scale of reproduction' was my translation and may differ
some nuances from the original "die Reproduction auf erweiterter
Stufenleiter oder.."(Dietz). Marx see this and 'accumulation' same
meanings as it(they) reproduce(s) capital-relation on a progressive
scale. At this fundamental part of the GLCA chapter, Marx defines
the term "accumulation" as reproduction on a progressive scale.
It's obvious. Then he expands his theory of GLCA.

>> But more scale of capital-relation doesn't define accumulation though
>> it well characterises that.

Paul Z.[1691]
>Why does it not define it? If that doesn't define it, what does?

I think we may begin with the definition of accumulation as "reproduction
on a progressive scale" in theorizing GLCA.


Iwao Kitamura
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