[OPE-L:1669] Re: Defining & understanding the accumulation of 1capital

Duncan K Foley (dkf2@columbia.edu)
Tue, 2 Apr 1996 11:02:44 -0800

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Comments on Jerry's comments on Paul:

It seems to me that Marx distinguishes in theoretical terms between
simple and expanded reproduction, on the one hand, which are models of
reproduction of capital without the transformation of the technique of
production and the organization of capital, and accumulation, on the
other hand, which embraces all of the qualitative changes that accompany
the reproduction of capital (revolutionizing of the techniques of
production, concentration, centralization of capital, and so on). I'm
also not sure what Paul Z is driving at: the accumulation of capital is
from at least some points of view co-extensive with the reproduction of
capitalist social relations on a larger scale, so it has many facets.