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Dear pen-lers,

Herewith an announcement of this year's CSE conference in July. Come
one, come all... But please email inquries, offers, etc, to Lorna
Kennedy at Northumbria, and NOT to me!

Hugo Radice.

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University of Northumbria at Newcastle
Conference of Socialist Economists 96
Friday-Sunday 12-14 July 1996
University of Northumbria at Newcastle


Call for Papers on Radical Respoonses to the Following:

The Future of Mass Party Organisations
The Rise of New Social Movements
Fordism, post-Fordism and Flexible Production
New Technologies and the Labour Process
Global, National and Regional Restructuring
of the Capitalist State
Modern and Postmodern Culture

Papers are welcome on any of the above themes and should be sent to:

Lorna Kennedy ( CSE'96 )
School of Social, Political and Economic Sciences
Northumberland Building
University of Northumbria at Newcastle
Sandyford Road
Tel: 0191 227 4937
Fax: 0191 227 3189
E-mail: lorna.kennedy@unn.ac.uk