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Mon, 1 Apr 1996 03:13:56 -0800

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rakesh wrote, regarding Gil, in [OPE-L:1659]:

> By the way, I bet you are a closeted Austrian and Roemer is the Walrasian.

I realize that the above does not even constitute a "bic"-lighter size
flame as gauged by the standards of some other lists (e.g. marxism1), but
it is nonetheless a flame since it attributes to Gil, on the basis of a
supposition (a "bet"), a position which he has not advanced and
associates him with a brand of marginalism.

Perhaps Rakesh's comment was made in jest. If that is the case, then I
missed the humor and apologize.

Our discussions work best, IMO, when we confront what others have written
rather than responding to positions that have not been advanced by
listmembers but are easier to refute.

In OPE-L Solidarity,