[OPE-L:1617] Re: Temporality and Simultaneity

Massimo De Angelis (M.DeAngelis@uel.ac.uk)
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 12:59:19 -0800

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Dear Chiai-on,

you agree that Andrew's TSS numbers are correct but you reject his
TSS proposal on the ground of the capitalist competitions. I do not
understand what do we need - as Marxists I mean rather than
neoclassicists of whatever - your profit rate for. I mean the one of the
"competitive capitalist" who intend to enter a new branch of production.
You suggesting we should calculate these on the new input values. Yes,
this methodology would help us in setting up a consultant agency.
Besides, if this is the purpose, if it is true that new input values must
be used for this new competitor, it is also true that your consultant
agency must also try to help the capitalist to predict the **future**
output value. Yet again time (s ) (they are a changing !!).

In reference to your ope-l 1592 in which you reply to Andrew. You set
up a case in which there are two competitors producing the same
commodity. "One produces it currently with cheaper inputs, the
other has just now finished the production and is going to put it on
the market. The latter is in competition with the former, so he cannot
hope to recover fully the input values which were more
expensive than those his rival bought, whith the general rate of profit
prevailed. He would have to discount his production price in proportion
to his competitor"

Yes, if he wants to stay in the market, and if he has already
produced, he may as well face a loss. But then, next round comes.
You less competitive capitalist is still stuck with a relatively costly
input . If this capitalist does not change the input (thus facing a
loss ) there is only one alternative: try to make his workers working
harder to compensate for the competitive disadvantage. Will
they do it? Will they not do it? Why nobody never consider
that labor is not (yet) dead but living!!!! It seems to me that the
L vector in simultaneous systems ALREADY presupposes that
whatever happen, whatever decisions capitalists make, labor will
go along with it. This is not the case when you put a t subscript.
Every capitalist decision will have to prove to be able to survive
a tomorrow.