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Iwao Kitamura (ikita@st.rim.or.jp)
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 06:17:28 -0800

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Sorry for this late reply. First, I[1523] was wrong to view pure 'Nichts' and
the absolute negativity similar. I misunderstood the second paragraph of
the smaller Logic where I found that Hegel writes that the pure 'Sein'
is a pure abstract so that it is the absolute nagativity and it is 'Nichts'
if directly picked up. In this case, 'Nichts' is the absolute nagativity
of pure 'Sein', not any Idea.

>As I understand it then, absolute negativity is the absolute method, which
> Hegel summarizes in the Absolute Idea chapter. As such absolute negativity
> must be the truth, the unification of Being and Idea, when viewed as
> process.. And as method, absolute negativity is not an immediacy, but
> absolute mediation.
>I'm still not sure how this relates to Marx on the differential calculus.

In the case of Marx's thought on the differential calculus, dy/dx means
a process='Werden' of delta y/delta x changing to 0/0 in contrast to that
0/0 is mere a combination of two 0s = 'Nichts'= the absolute nagations.

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