[OPE-L:1549] Re: Temporality and Simultaneity

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Mon, 25 Mar 1996 20:32:43 -0800

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John asked in [OPE-L:1548]:

> 3. When we speak of the falling rate of profit, about what rate of profit
> are we talking? The equilibrium rate? Andrew's? The "ex ante" one?

I thought Marx was pretty clear: its the "law of the tendency for the
*general* rate of profit to decline" (emphasis added, JL).

I don't interpret the general r as either the "equilibrium rate" or the
"ex ante" one. Do others agree or disagree?

> That we are asking these questions in 1996 is scary.

It's my turn for a question:

-- Could you please explain the "scary" dimensions of the questions and
how that relates to 1996 and before?

In OPE-L Solidarity,