[OPE-L:1548] Re: Temporality and Simultaneity

John R. Ernst (ernst@pipeline.com)
Mon, 25 Mar 1996 19:55:07 -0800

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Chai-on, Michael and Duncan

Duncan's post on this as well as Michael's enable me to be
more direct in asking about Chai-on's comment on Andrew's
determination of the rate of profit. Here are a few of
my questions:

1. Does that "ex ante" rate of profit which differs from Andrew's
use Andrew's output values in determining the input values
for evaluating the new investment?

2. Assuming no tranformation problem, how does the "ex ante"
rate of profit relate to the equilibrium rate of profit? Is it a
matter of being a few iterations away?

3. When we speak of the falling rate of profit, about what rate of profit
are we talking? The equilibrium rate? Andrew's? The "ex ante" one?

That we are asking these questions in 1996 is scary.

In Solidarity,