[OPE-L:1488] Visa exclusion plus misc.

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Wed, 13 Mar 1996 13:08:19 -0800

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So far 18 members have written supportive posts on this subject. This is
an excellent and very rapid response to what we all agree is a serious
Based on the responses and a private message concerning the situation, I
suggest the following:

a) Alan should inform the person in question that OPE-L is prepared
to write a public supportive statement, however, we want to
coordinate our efforts with others and not act until it is agreed
that such an act would be beneficial. In other words, we
shouldn't take it upon ourselves to protest until we receive the
go-ahead from the party in question.

b) Alan should communicate the overwhelming feeling of this body to
that person, i.e. that we express solidarity and are outraged by the
actions of the US government.

c) If we get the go ahead, I propose that Alan and I write a
statement in the name of the list and then post it to us. We then
make any modifications to the statement as desired by members. We
then post the agreed upon statement on several Net lists (e.g.
PKT, PEN-L, marxism, aut-op-sy, etc.) and wherever else we think
is desirable. I think that statement should include the names
of all members unless individual members don't want their name to

Additional comments:

a) While we are primarily engaged in theoretical discussions, I
believe that occasional political actions, e.g. expressions of
solidarity, can be an important component of what we *do* since it
reminds us of who we *are*. It is certainly consistent with the
object of "extending Marx" that we engage in praxis as well as
theory (although, OPE-L can not be a *substitute* for political

b) I also believe that this activity reinforces the fact that we have
*so much* in common (despite our theoretical differences). This is
something that is very important in terms of establishing and
re-establishing our nature as a *collaborative* project. It is a
type of "list consciousness" that sets the tone for our
discussions and our treatment of each other as equals and comrades.

c) The response time and participation rates were excellent. Let's
try to have a similar response for future discussion of procedural

d) Mariko and Maria posted for the first time. Alfredo posted for the
first time in a long time. I look forward to reading more from all
three. Actually, Maria De Lourdes Mollo has not yet been formally
welcomed to the list (although her name, as the truly observant know,
was included in the February "THIS MONTH IN REVIEW").

Maria, recommended by Alfredo, teaches political economy at the
University of Brasilia, in Brazil, and is a former student of
Suzanne de Brunhoff (when is Suzanne going to get on-line?).

Maria: welcome aboard!

In OPE-L Solidarity,