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Iwao Kitamura (ikita@st.rim.or.jp)
Wed, 13 Mar 1996 05:48:38 -0800

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Re: Marx's manuscripts and notes on mathematics

>This can be got in Russia still and in various secondhand shops.
>It has the original German and a Russian translation. It is
>interesting to hear it is in Japanese. Stavros says it is in Greek also.
>There is a very partial translation English, with a big commentary
>so that you can't read the text without reading the commentary.
>Does anyone know of any project to do a proper English
>translation? I think it is not coming out as part of the

>Long ago, Dirk Stuik (sp) published his analysis of Marx's math notebooks.
>Also, Smoelnsky did an analysis -- I believe in the Journal of Political
>Economy of all places.

I'm glad to hear that his notes on math are published in several other
languages and broadly read and studied. I bought the japanese edition
when I was a high-school boy interested in math and science of
science. To me, it was attractive enough that Marx describes dy/dx as
a 'process'. This is the very beginning of my reading Marx.

>I thought Iwao's post was interesting but I didn't fully understand
>this sentence
>"Ruzavin(#2) wrote that expelling substances from mathematics
>has no hope."
>Could Iwao expand on this?

I had to write 'context' instead of 'substance'. And I had another
error that I had to write 'meta-mathematics' instead of 'super-
mathematics' in my last post[1427].
Untill the weekend I don't have enough time to re-read Ruzabin and
to find how to quote him further. I will also consider what I can say
in my own words. For 15 years, I've been far away from this thema.
I really wanted to be a historian of mathematics when I was a student.
But due to my poor result in the first one and half year, I could not
go to 'the history and philosophy of science' course. So this theme
is heavy to me. :)

in solidarity,


Iwao Kitamura
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