[OPE-L:1459] Re: Visa exclusion

Gilbert Skillman (gskillman@mail.wesleyan.edu)
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 08:27:06 -0800

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Alan wrote:

> I have just been informed that the US embassy in London
> has refused a visa to a researcher wishing to attend the
> mini-conference on value theory in Boston this weekend.
> No valid reason was given and the decision was taken
> on the whim of an embassy official without even scrutinising
> the documentation prepared.
> At the Easterns I want to get together a statement from
> to protest this violation of academic freedom and human rights.
> It would go with a similar protest in the UK. Who do listmembers
> suggest I approach? All offers to sign such a protest would
> be welcome.

How obnoxious. I would be eager to add my signature to any such
protest. Gil