[OPE-L:1452] Re: Visa exclusion [remember Ernest Mandel]

Massimo De Angelis (M.DeAngelis@uel.ac.uk)
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 05:16:33 -0800

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> Subject: [OPE-L:1445] Visa exclusion [remember Ernest Mandel]

I agree with Jerry's proposal.


> Alan wrote:
> > I have just been informed that the US embassy in London
> > has refused a visa to a researcher wishing to attend the
> > mini-conference on value theory in Boston this weekend.
> This is very serious. I, and I'm sure many others on the list, remember
> when Ernst Mandel was prevented from visiting the US for about a decade
> for his political activities (he was a member of the United Secretariat
> of the Fourth International). Mandel, as well, was excluded from a number
> of other countries for alledly being a "subversive", "undesirable", and
> "terrorist" (!). There was an international campaign for many years that
> ultimately succeeded in getting the US government to offer him a
> temporary visa. I believe he visited the US in 1978 (speaking at the New
> School as some, including I, remember).
> This is a good example of something that we should all be able to agree
> upon. We've never issued anything publicly as the list before. Would a
> statement protesting the US State Department decision and demanding a
> change be a good subject for a first effort?
> BTW: is the person an OPE-L comrade?
> In OPE-L Solidarity,
> Jerry