[OPE-L:1445] Visa exclusion [remember Ernest Mandel]

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Mon, 11 Mar 1996 18:12:27 -0800

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Alan wrote:

> I have just been informed that the US embassy in London
> has refused a visa to a researcher wishing to attend the
> mini-conference on value theory in Boston this weekend.

This is very serious. I, and I'm sure many others on the list, remember
when Ernst Mandel was prevented from visiting the US for about a decade
for his political activities (he was a member of the United Secretariat
of the Fourth International). Mandel, as well, was excluded from a number
of other countries for alledly being a "subversive", "undesirable", and
"terrorist" (!). There was an international campaign for many years that
ultimately succeeded in getting the US government to offer him a
temporary visa. I believe he visited the US in 1978 (speaking at the New
School as some, including I, remember).

This is a good example of something that we should all be able to agree
upon. We've never issued anything publicly as the list before. Would a
statement protesting the US State Department decision and demanding a
change be a good subject for a first effort?

BTW: is the person an OPE-L comrade?

In OPE-L Solidarity,