[OPE-L:1351] Re: Better Machines

Paul_Cockshott (wpc@cs.strath.ac.uk)
Thu, 7 Mar 1996 03:16:32 -0800

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First one has to sort out the analytical issues before one develops the
mathematical model. The model itself merely expresses in other terms an
understanding which has already been reached. Additionally, there may be
certain types of processes which are not well-suited for mathematical
modeling. Researchers have to accept this possibility.

The two processes can go hand in hand. Casting
things in a mathematical form forces one to be
precise about what one means, in a way that does
not occur if one just thinks about things

I dont accept that there is anything that is
unsuited to mathematical modeling. If something
is declared 'unsuited' that just indicates the
depth of our ingnorance and confusion in the field
in question.