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Sat, 2 Mar 1996 09:14:32 -0800

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Paul C. wrote in [1259]

> Location takes such samples. The collection of producers in
> Paris and the collection of producers in Lisbon will contain
> different proportions of high productivity and low productivity
> enterprises. Thus the average socially necessary labour
> time contributed by an hour's labour in Paris and Lisbon
> will not be the same. Thus cities can differ in their
> rate of value added per capita, with corresponding differences
> in wages at the same rate of exploitation. If wages are higher
> in some cities than others, this is not because the employers
> are more soft hearted, but because they can afford to pay
> higher wages to more productive workers.

(1) Shouldn't the international market establish a single SNLT for a
particular branch of production? While wages and productivity would vary
between producers in Paris and Lisbon, how would that impact SNLT?

(2) As for the last sentence, aren't you assuming that wage determination
depends on firm profitability? This leaves little or no room for the
ability of workers to raise the customary wage within a particular region
through collective action.

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