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Fri, 1 Mar 1996 13:37:41 -0800

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I propose the following:

The list commits *in principle* to the prospect of having a
publicly-available archives site. All OPE-L posts should be included in
the archives unless individual list members want specific posts that they
have authored not be made publicly-accessible.

(1) This motion concerns the establishing of a *duplicate* archives. We
would continue to maintain the archives at the California State
University server. In part, we need a duplicate archives for *our*
purposes since the old archives are periodically deleted from the CSU

(2) OPE-L would continue to be a closed list.

(3) The main motivation for establishing a publicly-available archives,
IMO, is that we simply have too much "good stuff" to keep to ourselves.

(4) I personally am in favor of including all of the OPE-L posts as I
believe that there are no posts which are particularly damaging to us or
embarrassing to individual list members. However, I think that individual
list members should have the right to ask that individual posts that they
authored not be included since those posts were written with the
understanding that we had a closed archives only available to list members.

(5) If individuals object to this proposal, I ask that you respond
on-list. If you want specific posts deleted, you can communicate that to
me directly rather than raising that topic on-list.

(6) In other words, I am asking that you agree *in principle* to the
establishment of a publicly-available archives. If this proposal is
accepted, then there will still have to be a number of technical problems
worked out concerning both the format of the archives and possible sites.
If you are interested in having input into that discussion and being part
of a sub-committee to discuss those issues, you can either contact me or
Alan Freeman <100042.617@compuserve.com>.

(7) If you give us the go ahead, I expect that the sub-committee will
investigate the possibilities and then make a proposal to the list.
Nothing will be done without the prior consent of the list.

Please respond to this proposal.

In OPE-L Solidarity,