[OPE-L:989] Re: Valuation Of Inputs

akliman@acl.nyit.edu (akliman@acl.nyit.edu)
Wed, 7 Feb 1996 13:05:49 -0800

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Andrew here,

I just saw Fred's post (ope-l 961) in response to me about an hour or so
ago. It'll take me awhile to digest it and respond, and I can't do so
now. I hope to do so within 2-3 days (maximum of 5).

I mention this partly because another list member has asked me to respond,
and I want to explain why I haven't done so yet.

P.S. I think this might be a good practice for everyone, when a reply has
been made as part of an ongoing dialogue--let us know that you're not
breaking off the discussion.

Andrew Kliman