[OPE-L:971] Re: Request for ctitiques of Lucas.

riccardo bellofior (bellofio@cisi.unito.it)
Wed, 7 Feb 1996 00:38:55 -0800

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At 23:55 5-02-1996 -0800, mktitoh@e.u-tokyo.ac.jp wrote:
>A friend of mine, Professor Shu Sho-bun in Chinese
>Academy for Scoial Sciences in Peking, gave me a letter where he asks me to
>send him some materials concerning critiques of Lucas, rational expectations
>and new neo-classical economics.

You may also want to give a look at Alessandro Vercelli, Keynes after
Lucas, CUP.

It is really a good book, mainly on methodological issues. It was published
in Italian in the '80s and then translated in the early 90s in English. I'm
not sure of the title (I translated literally the Italian title). But I
think it should be easily found in a good economics' library.


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