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Mon, 5 Feb 1996 12:59:43 -0800

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In ope-l 935 and 939, Gil and Mike L., respectively, say similar things.
Gil says that the temporal single-system ("sequential") interpretation
of Marx's value theory may "repair" Marx, but wasn't what he said.
Mike says that temporal examples which are consistent with Marx's
conclusions and which show simultaneist conclusions are not consistent,
don't constitute evidence supporting the temporal interpretation.

I want to support what Alan said on this. In short, results speak for

In slightly longer form: THE PARABLE OF THE JIGSAW PUZZLE

A lot of people having been trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle. They
fail and fail. Some suggest throwing out some pieces and trying again.
Some try to use pieces from a different puzzle. Some decide people need
to do a different puzzle.

They fail.

They balme the puzzle maker.

Other people come along. They say, "the instructions say, "if 'joining
the pieces' is equated with 'interlocking the pieces', there is always
the possibility of error." This puzzle lets you join pieces by placing
straight edges together. Look, we've done so, and the result is just
like the picture on the cover of the box."

Whose interpretation of the instructions is better? Does it matter
that those who couldn't do the puzzle complain that this is an implausible

Replication of theoretical conclusions is itself textual evidence.

Andrew Kliman