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S.Mohun (S.Mohun@qmw.ac.uk)
Thu, 1 Feb 1996 02:16:15 -0800

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>On Wed, 31 Jan 1996, Alan Freeman wrote:
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>> "Marx does not take the case of price-value equivalence as an
>> assumption in Volume I"
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>> It might be useful to see how wide this agreement is shared on
>> OPE.
Allin Cottrell disagrees. I disagree too. Here are some more quotes:
Penguin ed. ch.9 p.328 'Here the assumption is always made that the price of
the product is the same as its value...'
Ch.10, p.340 'We began with the assumption that labour-power is bought and
sold at its value.'
Part 7 chs.23-25, p.710: '...we assume here that the capitalist sells the
commodities he has produced at their value...'
I am sure there are many more examples too!

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