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Allin C. [889] wrote:

> But as a newcomer to ope-l I'm a bit uncertain on the rules of
> discourse here. I can see that the discussion is meant to be focussed
> and is not the standard listserv free-for-all; I also remember that in
> the initial discussions regarding ope-l (on the marxism list) the idea was
> to generate collaboration on a project to rewrite/update/complete Marx's
> Capital. Can Jerry -- or anyone else -- update me on this?

We make and re-make the "rules of discourse." For a short answer to the
last question, I would say:

a) what we are doing and how has evolved and is still evolving.

b) the most general statement about the purpose of the list would be to
discuss issues related to "extending Marx."

> That is,
> what are the parameters within which the current exchange (mostly over
> "moral depreciation") is being conducted? Is there some larger question
> or topic area "on the table" at present?

The current exchanges began earlier this month in response to a call for
"digressions" since most members were on vacation. Before mid-December,
we were following the "Working through Capital" approach proposed by Mike
L. My current proposal is that (in addition to the "cards on the table"
and continuing current threads), we focus on *2* issues in February. I have
asked that list members suggest topics for discussion.

To be a bit more specific, I'm
> potentially interested in raising the question of value and socialism,
> but I don't know if that is too far afield.

We can discuss this. My suggestion is that you explain why we should
discuss that topic now (or soon) and see how many others are interested.

In OPE-L Solidarity,