Allin Cottrell (cottrell@wfu.edu)
Wed, 31 Jan 1996 07:17:29 -0800

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I too am interested in taking up the baton and breaking some eggs on the
table. But as a newcomer to ope-l I'm a bit uncertain on the rules of
discourse here. I can see that the discussion is meant to be focussed
and is not the standard listserv free-for-all; I also remember that in
the initial discussions regarding ope-l (on the marxism list) the idea was
to generate collaboration on a project to rewrite/update/complete Marx's
Capital. Can Jerry -- or anyone else -- update me on this? That is,
what are the parameters within which the current exchange (mostly over
"moral depreciation") is being conducted? Is there some larger question
or topic area "on the table" at present? To be a bit more specific, I'm
potentially interested in raising the question of value and socialism,
but I don't know if that is too far afield.

Allin Cottrell
Department of Economics
Wake Forest University