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Short comments on Alan's posts [829]:

(1) A possible explanation for the "moral" (moralische) part of "moral
depreciation was suggested by Justin Schwartz. He suggested that "moral"
was commonly used as a synonym for "social" by 18th and 19th Century
philosophers. Consequently, if you accept this understanding, one could
substitute the expression "social depreciation" for "moral depreciation."

(2) Since the drafts that became V3 were written before V1, the first
time that Marx used this expression in _Capital_ (that I could find) was in
the V3 citation that I gave earlier (V3, Penguin, p. 209).

(3) The "translators footnote" appears on p. 209, V3 (Penguin edition):

"On 'moral depreciation' (*moralischer Verschleiss*) see also Capital
Volume 2, pp. 250, 264. The reason for this rather awkward term is
that *Verschleiss* as such means depreciation in the sense of wear and
tear, which is what Marx is discussing in Volume 2. In the present
volume, however, he generally describes this phenomenon as a form of
devaluation (*Entwertung*)."

(4) I'd be interested in a copy, at least a summary, of your article.
Please post.

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