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The following is a _suggestion_ that I want you to consider, not a proposal.


We have been having excellent discussions, but we have been moving
forward very *slowly*. I think that all would agree that the "Working
through CAPITAL" procedure has not worked out in the way originally
intended. Therefore, a more flexible procedure is needed, in my opinion.


(1) Each of us write a short post identifying the general topics that
they are most interested in having us discuss and why.

(2) Based on the above, we try and work out a spring "schedule" that
identifies what subjects we are going to discuss in what weeks and

(3) As we then move to discuss particular subjects, it would be helpful
if the list member or members who suggested the topic write a longish
post on the subject. This would help us to get the ball rolling under
each topic and focus discussion.


(1) The above could be viewed as either a substitute or a complement to
the "working through CAPITAL" approach. It depends on *how* we decide to
*order* the topics that we want to discuss.

(2) There are obvious advantages to this procedure but there are possible
dangers as well. In my opinion, we have to give some thought to the
methodological consequences of systematic vs. non-systematic ordering of
discussion topics.

(3) In a way, Alan's suggestion and the one above have certain
similarities to the "brainstorming" procedure a number of months ago. I
believe that we should consider the ordering of the topics to be
discussed from the perspective of "extending Marx" (an ambiguous
expression that we probably interpret differently).

(4) None of the above precludes us now continuing with digressions or
returning to issues that were discussed before people went on vacations.

(5) As I said above, this is a suggestion for you to consider. It is not
a proposal. What do you think?

In OPE-L Solidarity,


ps: It's my birthday. I am 42 as of today.