[OPE-L:775] 'Tis the season for digressions

glevy@acnet.pratt.edu (glevy@acnet.pratt.edu)
Thu, 4 Jan 1996 13:25:39 -0800

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A lot of list members are still on vacation. A number of others are in
San Francisco at the AEA convention.

The above explains the low volume recently. So ... while we are waiting
for our comrades to return, why don't we have a digression [or two or

What would you like to talk about? Here are some possible ideas:

* Have you read any good books or articles on political economy recently
that you did *not* write? [That's an easy question for those of you who
haven't sent any posts lately to tackle].

* Do you have any working papers or projects that you would like some
feedback on?

* [In the spirit of the New Year], do you have any New Year's resolves or
wishes for OPE-L? [Another easy question].

* [A harder question]: Can anyone suggest a conjunctural analysis that
helps to explain the strikes in France (or some other contemporary
topic)? [BTW: There is a section in Mino's book _Frontiers of Political
Economy_{London, Verso, 1991} on "The crisis of the dollar and the
European Monetary System" {pp. 280-282} that appears to be relevant to
the above topic].

* [A technical question]: Some time back Duncan suggested, in passing,
the possibility of an electronic journal. Does anyone (perhaps our
resident computer expert, Paul C.) know about the logistics concerning
putting such a journal together? [Background: we have authored a *lot* of
posts, some of which is close to publishable quality. A "journal" or a
"working papers" electronic publication could allow us to publish some of
our materials. Except for labor, it could also be "printed" and
distributed without charge, e.g. by sending the products to other Net
mailing lists or placing them on a Web site. Additionally, it would
encourage members to write and would be a way to publish something *fast*].
Is this a realistic idea?

Other ideas for discussion, of course, are welcome.

In OPE-L Solidarity,