[OPE-L:728] Re: LTV an assumption?

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Wed, 13 Dec 1995 14:37:50 -0800

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Gil writes in [727]:

> To put the shoe on your foot: on what authority do you assert that
> the mere accident, shared by several commodities, that they are all
> exchanged for a certain quantity of yet another commodity, establish
> a "major factor" about the former from which one can draw inferences
> about a measurable element common to them all?

It is not a "mere accident" that commodities under conditions of
capitalist production are: a) products of human labor, and b) are
exchanged using the medium of money.

> Again, irrelevant. He *is* insisting that there must be some element
> common to exchanged commodities which is *capable* of measurement.
> This inference cannot be drawn on the sole basis of exchange.

[Labor] time is capable of being measured as Paul C. said -- with a

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