[OPE-L:722] Re: Land Prices, Labor and Commodities

Steve.Keen@unsw.edu.au (Steve.Keen@unsw.edu.au)
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 02:35:49 -0800

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Wait a minute, John -:)! I wasn't saying that Marxists argue
that virgin land has no price. I was instead backing up Gil's
comment that, given the existence of tradeables with no value
but with a price, the argument that the exchange of equivalents
means that both sides must have a common third property is
invalid. Thus, the fact that a car can be traded for a
block of virgin land does not mean that both contain the
"common property" of being products of labor.

What I will argue is that, while such things are an anomaly
for the LTV, as Gil pointed out in his post, they are consistent
with the use-value/exchange-value interpretation I make of

Which I hope to start posting on tomorrow...