[OPE-L:711] Re: LTV an assumption?

Steve.Keen@unsw.edu.au (Steve.Keen@unsw.edu.au)
Tue, 12 Dec 1995 02:47:23 -0800

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Gil's post raises a two logical conundrums for the conventional
interpretation of the LTV: the presumption that equality means some
shared property; and the existence of exchangeables with exchange-value
but no value.

I hate to leave my post at little more than this, but I've got a
conference organising deadline tomorrow. Briefly then, the "spin"
that my interpretation of Marx puts on value theory addresses both
of these, in my opinion successfully--but at the expense of the
proposition that labor is the only source of value. I'll provide
the details (in great detail!) in a couple of days.

Steve Keen