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Sun, 10 Dec 1995 06:20:35 -0800

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A minor comment on Steve Keen[681]

Steve said "the three-fold nature of the commodity as embodying value,
exchange-value and use-value."

His terminology seems an anomaly. A commodity has a two fold nature,
value and use-value. One is in identity, the other is in difference.
Exchange-value is an external form of value. The two fold nature does
not show itself as the two characters at the same time but it shows its
one respect only. Its other respect is activated, is shown in exchange but
in another form, in the external form of exchange value. A use-value's
value is not expressed except as a certain quantity of another use-value.
This we call exchange-value. Its internal form is value. One is
CONTENT, the other is FORM. Content's own form is value. Does
use-value has no its external form, then? No it does not. The
use-value the physical property of a thing and it is in a directly
recognized form of human cognition. So, it has no such internal and
external forms.


Chai-on Lee