[OPE-L:680] skip Part 1?

Fred Moseley (fmoseley@laneta.apc.org)
Fri, 8 Dec 1995 12:50:26 -0800

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Paul Zarembka (633) wrote:

in reading Marx you can take value as kind of a proposition or assumption
and begin reading after Part I, then come back to what you can learn from
Part I. Is not taking value in another wage leading to dogmatism?

I reply:

I guess, as a pedagogical approach, one can take value as a kind of
assumption and begin after Part 1, but then would miss:
1. the theoretical grounding of this assumption in the analysis of
the commodity (as I have discussed in other posts).
2. the derivation of money as the necessary form of appearance of
abstract labor, which is necessary because capital is defined in terms of

So I think this approach would be bad pedagogy. It would seem to lead to
more dogmatism, not less, because the theoretical justifications for Marx's
presuppositions in Part 2 would not be explained.

But my main point is that Marx, in constructing his theory, could not have
skipped Part 1 and begun with Part 2. Part 1 provides the logical
presuppositions for Part 2 and beyond.

Fred Moseley